Ulrik Munther at Sockerbruket

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Ulrik Munther is a singer and songwriter. Recently he started acting in a drama movie: The Here After. Some of you might know him from Lilla Melodifestivalen or MGP Nordic where he participated in contests. His recent album is called “Allt jag ville säga" wich means Everything I wanted to say, and was released only a month ago (May 13th).
To know more about him and visit his other social media sites, check out his website at UlrikMunther.com
You can listen to his songs on Spotify or iTunes
His albums are:
  • 2011} Ulrik Munther
  • 2013} Rooftop
  • 2015} Allt jag ville säga
As you can see, the light is so bad. The spotlight wasn’t on his head the way it should. You may see some harsh pixels but I won’t judge myself that much. I am not used to photograph in a dark room and I don’t really have the equipment for it.
This day we got to hear Ulrik sing songs from his newest album. It’s not that bad actually but It’s not really the type of music I listen to. I think I like his old songs more.
Ok, so I know that I like older songs more even with many other good singers like Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake. Maybe it’s just because when they start doing new type of songs it does’t really make me feel like oh, this is so Justin Timberlake haha. I don't know, I haven’t quite figured it out yet.
Don’t get me wrong, I mean.. I can still like the new music they make, even if I don’t get the same kind of vibe. I ain’t gonna say it’s bad just because it’s different. 
It is the first time meeting Ulrik, he has already grown up a lot since I last saw him on TV. It was nice seeing him live. The only bad thing that day was that we waited so so so long! Everyone I saw close to me was so tired except the ones sitting on the couch right in front of the stage *jealous.  Some people behind me was sitting on the floor and some kept standing up even if their feet was dying of tiredness. I almost felt like going home to be honest. A girl behind me kept looking at the time saying it has gone a minute, which for her some others felt like an hour! I just kept thinking about going home and at the same time I was thinking that I’ve waited too long to leave.
It was worth it though, we had a great day and had some laughs. 
I came mostly to take pictures and to hang out with ‘em gals, plus I am trying to be more social again and be around in crowded places. So I can become the Carol I used to be, the gal who ain’t afraid of nobody!^^
Here are the gals: Frida, Lizel and Felicia.
Ya’ll don’t forget to comment and say whatever you like. Even if you are hater, I’m gon’ hug ya cause you need it.. *WinkWink. For ya’ll who didn’t notice, my reader’s nickname is sweetie (because ya’ll are sweet for visiting my blog. THANK YOU)^^
Talk to ya in my next post. Good night sweeties ♥

Geek Pride Day {2015

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Day after the marathon I went back to Götaplatsen where everyone who participated in Geek Pride gathered before the parade started. I don't have everyone in the pictures and if I did, it would be too much I believe. I already have more than 68 edited. It took a while to edit this pictures, some of them was to light or too dark! 

Every year on may 25th is a celebration for nerds worldwide. The date was chosen coincide with the first Star Wars film, Episode IV: A New Hope, wich was releast on may 25, 1977. It also shares the date for two other similar fan holidays. The first is Towel Dayit is celebrated by fans of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams. On this day fans carry a towel in his honor. The second is The Glorious 25th of May, it is celebrated by fans of author Terry Pratchett's Discworld, often with a sprig of lilac.
Here is a link that I randomly picked out where you can read more about Geek Pride. I just know that it is an event where people who likes Star Wars, games, cosplay etc can dress up as their favourite character and celebrate. I actually like the fact that geek is some kind of culture as I read in Wikipedia
I wanted to write who I would dress up as if I would ever participate but I couldn't think of anything. We leave that to the future me haha.
Did you ever participated or will you ever? If so why not leave a comment below. It would be interesting to know this because it's my first time to see Geek Pride and some of them wasn't expected but they were all nicely done and very creative.
Of course, I was with Lizel because she's the one who told me about it.
I've been taking pictures three days straight...
  • Saturday was the festival/marathon that I already posted.
  • Sunday was the day I toke these photos from the Geek Pride event.
  • Monday is when I saw Ulrik Munter perform for the first time and it will be posted as soon as I can. 
All three days is with Lizel, so you can check out her photos as well by clicking/tapping on her name. 
It's always fun to have a friend that does the same things that I like to do, in this case it's photography.
At the moment when writing this post, I still haven't figured out how to lay all the photos here. It's too many so I may have to do a second part or maybe even a third part. But I will try to somehow put it all together... Like making them small but clickable for a large view. I am the type who would rather have everything in one post so that it's easier for people to find but at the same time I don't like to have so many. Well you have already seen this post finished so hopefully it's aight however it's done.
(Comment down below if it's good the way it turned out or if I should have done it differently).
♥ ♥ ♥
Anyway... If you see that some photos are small, it means that you can click on it to make it larger.
» Click on the photos below for a larger view «
Hope you liked the photos! Below is just a random photo I took that day :)