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❤︎ Hello sweeties! 
Before we start, I want to remind yall that my Christmas turned out different this year both good and bad. I celebrated with family members who I reunited with, + my cute niece!
▸ My parents are miles away
▸ Skyped with my grandparents and saw them crying because they miss me </3
▸ My dad had an accident in the Philippines and he had to go through a surgery.
▸ Sick this Christmas
So as you can see, this whole month has been full of unexpected and unwanted happenings. But we have to remind ourselves to keep being positive to be strong. It ain't easy but I have hope. My dad is coming back to Sweden for better treatment. I am able to contact mami every day. And eventually, I'll visit the Philippines in the future to see all my relatives!
I hope you all understand that this post is not about bragging at all. If you enjoy posts like this, you may continue going through this with your own will. I absolutely love watching "What I got for Christmas" videos on YouTube, I've done that for years now. I just wanted to share this with you. Whether if I got many/little or big/small stuff. Everything you give and receive is special. As simple as a mug can mean something huge for me. Enjoy this post, sweeties! 
32 GB SD-card  I wanted to buy a good SD card since the beginning of 2015, but I never had the chance because I would either not have enough money or I would forget.
Mom and I went shopping and passed by a store where I wanted to buy something for my phone. Saw this card and decided to get it, my mom checked it out and insisted on buying. This was months ago, probably September or October I was so happy, I told her not to buy me anything for my birthday^^ Because it felt like a lot for me and it still is! Thanks mami ❤︎
MY BEAUTY BAG  ... is super cute and simple. I am actually very picky with things even if it's a pen that I'm buying. Luckily haha I have the same taste as my sister. Everything she has makes me go, may I take this home with me? haha. Anyways, I love this bag. IT'S SOOO CUTE. Thank you, sis! xoxo
MITTENS This thing is super comfortable inside! Perfect for this season, I'll definitely use this every time I go out! I like the colour and style. Thank you, sis ❤︎
SHOWER GEL I still have some of these that are almost empty. I can't wait to start using this, but it won't be until a month or so. IT SMELLS REALLY NICE. I also like the design of the product. Haha^^ I just noticed that most of my hair products are in colour red for some reason. BIG THANK YOU TO MY SISTER ❤︎
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Ever since my old 50mm lens got broken (about 2 years ago... I believe), I've stressing out and my passion of photography has become very weak. Even my inspiration has faded away. It's been hard for me to get inspired since then.
I didn't know how I could afford a new one. It's almost impossible for me because I didn't have enough money. After paying bills, my money is basically gone. I always have very little left and sometimes not enough for the month for needs.
I've been longing to have this back in my life for the longest time. And literally when I got this, it was like my whole world stopped for a second but at the same time, everything in my head went so fast that scream came out. After screaming of happiness, I became speechless. Well, all I could say was OMG and THANK YOU repeatedly^^
Hours after that I realised how real it was when holding and staring at it for a while. Tears came out. How could this be real?!
I could go on about this but I don't want to start crying, I'm already getting emotional.
My plan was to buy this before winter but something wrong happened a few months ago and suddenly I couldn't afford it again.
I asked my mom if she can try to find and buy it for me when she's in the Philippines and I'll just pay for it when she comes back. Then realized that I wouldn't have it until the end of January 2016. Mom decided then to buy it as a gift for Christmas!!!
I hesitated on reading this because I had a slight feeling that I was gonna cry. Yup, that's EXACTLY what happened right when I started reading it. As you know that I celebrated Christmas early with my siblings, dad, Peter (my sister's husband) and my niece (Chloe). My dad flew to the Philippines the next day and that's why we celebrated early.
Thank you so much for everything, sis ❤︎ You're truly a good sister and mother, not because of the gifts haha but because you're a good person and the kind of person to look up to! I love you so much ❤︎
Don't hesitate to comment. Did you blog/vlog what you got for Christmas this year? If so, please share it with me, I would like to check it out ❤︎
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