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Hello sweeties! ♥ I have moved to a new blog. I will explain everything in the new blog. I promise that I have a very good reason to do this, and I apologise if this news doesn't make you happy. I don't want to write to much here, I will just explain the best possible way I can in
But now I just want to tell you that my name is still Carol but Gabriel is just my middle name. My friends couldn't say Blomarv for some reason even now. I just thought that FINE Gabriel it is. But that's all I can say for now. Please stay tuned for that.

What I got for Christmas | 2015

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❤︎ Hello sweeties! 
Before we start, I want to remind yall that my Christmas turned out different this year both good and bad. I celebrated with family members who I reunited with, + my cute niece!
▸ My parents are miles away
▸ Skyped with my grandparents and saw them crying because they miss me </3
▸ My dad had an accident in the Philippines and he had to go through a surgery.
▸ Sick this Christmas
So as you can see, this whole month has been full of unexpected and unwanted happenings. But we have to remind ourselves to keep being positive to be strong. It ain't easy but I have hope. My dad is coming back to Sweden for better treatment. I am able to contact mami every day. And eventually, I'll visit the Philippines in the future to see all my relatives!
I hope you all understand that this post is not about bragging at all. If you enjoy posts like this, you may continue going through this with your own will. I absolutely love watching "What I got for Christmas" videos on YouTube, I've done that for years now. I just wanted to share this with you. Whether if I got many/little or big/small stuff. Everything you give and receive is special. As simple as a mug can mean something huge for me. Enjoy this post, sweeties! 
32 GB SD-card  I wanted to buy a good SD card since the beginning of 2015, but I never had the chance because I would either not have enough money or I would forget.
Mom and I went shopping and passed by a store where I wanted to buy something for my phone. Saw this card and decided to get it, my mom checked it out and insisted on buying. This was months ago, probably September or October I was so happy, I told her not to buy me anything for my birthday^^ Because it felt like a lot for me and it still is! Thanks mami ❤︎
MY BEAUTY BAG  ... is super cute and simple. I am actually very picky with things even if it's a pen that I'm buying. Luckily haha I have the same taste as my sister. Everything she has makes me go, may I take this home with me? haha. Anyways, I love this bag. IT'S SOOO CUTE. Thank you, sis! xoxo
MITTENS This thing is super comfortable inside! Perfect for this season, I'll definitely use this every time I go out! I like the colour and style. Thank you, sis ❤︎
SHOWER GEL I still have some of these that are almost empty. I can't wait to start using this, but it won't be until a month or so. IT SMELLS REALLY NICE. I also like the design of the product. Haha^^ I just noticed that most of my hair products are in colour red for some reason. BIG THANK YOU TO MY SISTER ❤︎
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Ever since my old 50mm lens got broken (about 2 years ago... I believe), I've stressing out and my passion of photography has become very weak. Even my inspiration has faded away. It's been hard for me to get inspired since then.
I didn't know how I could afford a new one. It's almost impossible for me because I didn't have enough money. After paying bills, my money is basically gone. I always have very little left and sometimes not enough for the month for needs.
I've been longing to have this back in my life for the longest time. And literally when I got this, it was like my whole world stopped for a second but at the same time, everything in my head went so fast that scream came out. After screaming of happiness, I became speechless. Well, all I could say was OMG and THANK YOU repeatedly^^
Hours after that I realised how real it was when holding and staring at it for a while. Tears came out. How could this be real?!
I could go on about this but I don't want to start crying, I'm already getting emotional.
My plan was to buy this before winter but something wrong happened a few months ago and suddenly I couldn't afford it again.
I asked my mom if she can try to find and buy it for me when she's in the Philippines and I'll just pay for it when she comes back. Then realized that I wouldn't have it until the end of January 2016. Mom decided then to buy it as a gift for Christmas!!!
I hesitated on reading this because I had a slight feeling that I was gonna cry. Yup, that's EXACTLY what happened right when I started reading it. As you know that I celebrated Christmas early with my siblings, dad, Peter (my sister's husband) and my niece (Chloe). My dad flew to the Philippines the next day and that's why we celebrated early.
Thank you so much for everything, sis ❤︎ You're truly a good sister and mother, not because of the gifts haha but because you're a good person and the kind of person to look up to! I love you so much ❤︎
Don't hesitate to comment. Did you blog/vlog what you got for Christmas this year? If so, please share it with me, I would like to check it out ❤︎
▶︎ Here is a link to my Merry Christmas | 2015 blogpost.

Merry Christmas | 2015

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❤︎ Merry Christmas sweeties ❤︎
I hope you all have a happy holiday! I'm spending Christmas alone this year. Some family members are on vacation and I am sick anyways so, I don't want anyone to get sick especially now when it's the most wonderful time of the year + new year is coming up, ain't nobody wants be laying in bed with a cold. 
Normally I would watch a Christmas movie where a person becomes the new Santa or a talking dog, or something romantic. You know what I mean. So I searched on youtube for suggestions because I wanted to see something new, but then I found a film about Jesus. I remembered watching it before, but I couldn't remember most of it, so I decided to watch the film.
I started watching it at 6 pm but fell asleep twice the first 15 minutes of the movie. -That's just how I am when I am sick or have pain (sleeping - instead of taking some kind of pill). I managed to watch the full movie in the end :) 
I am so happy today, I talked with my mom and some friends over the phone + I got some awesome gifts and overall I'm just very happy and positive. I am grateful for many people and many things in my life. So many good things happened this year. I am thankful for the life I have. Even if it's not the best, it's better than many and so I shall not complain. Thinking about all the positive things makes me feel so blessed. I hope that more of us starts to realize that too. 
⇢ Stay tuned for the next post coming up of what I got for Christmas! ⇠
I am curious, comment down below... 
❥ what you did on Christmas? ❥ what are your highlights? ❥ what did you give/receive this year?

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

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Lizel's MINIONS outfit

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 ★ Here are some photos I took of Lizel with her awesome minions outfit! 

See you next year mami ♥

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My mom is now enjoying life in the Philippines! 
I promised myself not to cry haha but I'm such an emotional person, I will cry if for the smallest things. But to not be with my mom until the end of January next year is kind of a big deal. Especially during the holiday. I won't be with her on Christmas, new years and my birthday. 
❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
BUT! We do contact each other every day on Facebook or Skype, so it's all good.
And when mom is with our relatives in the Philippines, we will be skyping on those 3 big days that I mentioned.
I am so excited everytime mom gets to hang out with our family there. She always wants me to come and my relatives are really missing me. But yall know that I have very little self-confidence. And every year they ask, I answer next year. I am running out of reasons (because I don't really have a good excuse). But next year will for sure be the time for me to come visit again. I do miss them a lot. LIKE SUPER MISS THEM. I got to get over this bad self-confidence thing ASAP! 
▿ ▿ 
Mom, I hope that you're enjoying your time there. It's a good time and place for you to relax and have fun. 
I love you so much ❤︎ I will see you next year... when I'm 21 !!

Update: What to expect soon!

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 ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎
Finally a new blog posts. It's been a while.. exactly 3 months actually if I would've posted this yesterday. 
If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter you might have expected this post already.
I tried to take pictures as much as possible while I've been gone and so I may fill those empty dates/months on my archive.
So let's say that even if I post something on December 28 of pictures that I took on maybe October 3 then maybe I'll change the post date to October 3. Hopefully, you understood that. Comment here if you didn't.
▼ ▽ ▼
Blog posts that will definitely be posted are on Christmas, New Year and maybe on my birthday (January 3).
I will have other random posts too, some are the ones that I haven't been able to post before and some are new.
More of that NEW NEW that are coming sooner or later!
❅ Social media sites: I will create my own icons.
❅ Categories: Renew the categories and make it more simple and easy to find specific series.
❅ Profile: I may replace the illustrated profile picture to an actual photo of me.
❅ Bio: More info will be made in my bio.
❅ Equipment: I will make a post of what my equipment are such as lenses, cameras etc.
❅ QuickToFind: I will add links on the sidebar for easy access to ex. "My equipment".
Hopefully, I didn't leave anything out. I don't have any plans to change the header as of now and the blog design as a whole won't be changed. It's just those little things that I mentioned above. 
Super big THANK YOU to everyone who has been visiting while I've been gone! 

♥♥♥ !!! It's my mothers birthday !!! ♥♥♥

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Reunited with my sister!

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Hey sweeties! Two days ago I wrote on Twitter that I would do a post about the reunion I had with my sister but then I thought that I was also going to have another reunion with my younger siblings yesterday. So I decided to wait and put it all together in one post. But now I can see that it would be too much and it could get a bit confusing. 
So here is the day (Thursday 3/9) I finally met my sister after many years! She has a daughter named Chloe, which means I'm an auntie! She has already grown so much and I feel really bad for missing everything. I'll be keeping in touch and visit whenever I can, so that's all that matters from now on. Same with everyone else like my other siblings.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
I wanted to take pictures to capture what I was seeing after being gone for a long time but I wasn't focused on that as much as I was enjoying the moment, taking it all in and just be present. 
When I was sitting on the chair (actually it wasn't normal chair - not sure what it's called at the moment but it was comfy indeed) my sister came and sat beside me but on the floor, while I was testing the camera. I decided to test the exposure when taking a picture of my sister, so I put my hand down and at the same time pointed the camera to my sister quickly while she was distracted at something else.. Well at least I think she was. Took a look at the result and saw this haha (picture below). I keep forgetting that my sister is one of those who are always ready for the camera!
♥♥♥ So this is my sister, Caroline. I love the fact that she does funny faces ♥♥♥
You can follow her on Instagram (I'm not sure if its public though), she posts really cute pictures and clips there!
Even tried to take some details of her home. We actually have the same type of style 
♥♥♥ More pictures of my cute niece! ♥♥♥
I hope that evryone enjoyed this post, this day was very special to me and I wanted to share this part of my life. I know that I haven't really posted that much of my family. But from now on I promise to do so. My little sister had her birthday party yesterday and soon it will be my mothers birthday, after that it will be my sister Caroline's birthday. The end of August was my fathers birthday. A lot of birthdays going on! ^^' But don't worry, I will balance all my post equally :)

My friend got married last weekend!

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I planned on posting something last weekend but I got an unexpected message from an old friend. I've known him since we were very little because we went to the same school since grade 1-9. He asked if I could be the photographer for his wedding. I felt honoured but I was mostly surprised, a friend I've know basically as long as I can remember is going to get married!!! I felt extremely happy for him
But since he contacted me in such a short notice, I got stressed out. I couldn't even imagine how planning was for the couple. 
Some misunderstandings has happened too during this short time but as a result I decided to come, even if my assistant couldn't help me.
I want to write more about this and how it went but that post will just have to wait! Until then I will distract ya'll with other posts coming up!
Here's a picture I took a few weeks ago ♥

Beatrice Eli { Kulturkalaset 2015

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Hey everyone!
I wanted to post the pictures from Lysekil where Loreen performed but sadly some images are lost, at least that's what I know for now. I don't know if I'll ever find it soon or if it's lost completely.  I already started editing those photos before I found out some where gone.
So I started editing these photos of Beatrice Eli instead because I knew that it wouldn't take that long to fix and write about. I don't know much about her, in fact on that day she performed was the first time I've ever heard of her. That's why I knew that could do this post first. Since I knew nothing about her, I went on the Internet to know more. I'll be writing it down here and put a link to her official website so that you can check it out if you'd like.
Her stage name is Beatrice Eli, born in Stockholm. She is a Swedish pop artist, songwriter, musician and feminist. 
Beatrice Eli became known in 2012 when she released her single "The Conqueror" on her debut EP "It's over". Her first album "Die another day" was released in 2014.
Official website:
Links to other social sites
 2014 | Die another day
Singles & EP
 2012 | It's over EP
 2014 | Girls
 2015 | Trust issues
Song collaboration
 2014 | Kent - Godhet
 2014 | Musikförläggarnas stipendium
 2015 | Årets Pop P3-Guld
♥ ♥ 

Update: Many new posts coming up!

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Been away for over two weeks now. And it's been a really busy time for me. I've been traveling to new locations and basically photographed everywhere I went. 

I have so much photos to prepare and share with you all. Most of it are events that I've been going to and most of it are concerts. I know, I don't often photograph concerts, but it has actually become a fun thing for me. 
This last few weeks I've already seen Loreen perform twice. First was in Lysekil and the second time was yesterday on RIX FM Festival.
Oh, and I also saw Beatrice Eli, I haven't heard of her before but she was good too. 
I will post everything in order whenever I can.
Keep in mind that I have school to think about too, so I will only have have a couple of hours day/night to prepare everything.
Have to go now...
Take care sweeties!